Why Employee Wellness Is Important For Companies

Nowadays most employers are aware why employee wellness is important and how this can impact a company productivity. Workplace wellness program generally aim at improving employees quality of life beyond the workplace.

Classic examples of this are gym discounts to mitigate sedentary lifestyle or partnerships with restaurants to promote healthy diets. However, simple actions such as implementation of flexible working policies or regular employee check-ins can be as powerful and effective.

What is the main goal of a workplace wellness program?

The wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease. With this in mind, employee wellness programs should focus on promoting the health and not preventing the disease. Hence, these programs should aim to raise awareness about the self-care and the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

In general, wellness programs help:

  • Strengthen the bond between employees and employer.
  • Forge a sense of belonging to the company.
  • Create a culture of self-care that permeates other spaces of everyday life.
  • Strengthen the integration of the employee’s family nucleus to the organizational culture

Employee wellness is the cornerstone of the economy

Work well-being is a state of plenitude that workers experience at work but impacts every sphere of our lives. Our well-being is dictated by how we get along with colleagues or how much we work. But it also depends on how comfortable our workstations are, how modern the offices are or whether we receive incentives for having a healthy lifestyle or not.

It is fundamental for employers to place employees at the very centre of the companies’ success. Employees are the single most valuable asset any company could have, and should be cared for. Employee centric companies understand this and design killer workplace wellness programs, where employees’ productivity does not outweigh their happiness.

Many studies have reported why employee wellness is important and how it benefits the companies. Some employers have experienced reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and reduced employee turnover. Others have seen improved mental and physical health, increased engagement and higher profits.

The human resource is by far the most important asset for an organization. A company may have the best facilities and the most modern offices, but this may not be enough to succeed. Employees are the backbone of an organization, so they should pampered and looked after.